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Life Balance Self Awareness Program: Life Balance Students

This 3-part Life Balance Development System workshop series will:
~Explain the concept of energy within the body & its involvement in the daily functions of life.
~Utilize the 5 senses & the breath to experience what energy feels like & what the locations in the body correlate to emotionally, physically, intellectually and for some, spiritually.
~Show you how to recognize energy blockages & how to move through and release them.
~Utilize practical tools and your own belief systems to improve well-being in your life.

Level 1 - Energy & The Self
What is Energy: Nadis, Chakras, Meridians, Breath and the 5 senses.
How does it move and become stagnant.
How do we become aware of our own energy .
How do we use awareness to find balance in life
Practical tools to overcome challenged areas.
Intention, Practice, Prayer, Ritual and Ceremony
Meditation and Yoga

Level 2 - Energy And Another
Ethics of sharing energy
Energy and Connection
Extention and Transmutation
Giving and Receiving
Partnered yoga and physical practices.

Level 3 - Sexuality & Energy
Steps to Sexual Connection
Sex-ercises, Diet and Aphrodisiacs
Communicating Sexual Needs
Creating your Sacred Space
Sexual Anatomy & Physiology
Foreplay,Types of orgasms & positions
Toys, props and extras

Participants should dress in comfortable clothes and bring a pillow and a blanket, a light lunch and an object of personal significance.

2018 Program dates: .
January 7th, 20th & 21st (10-5pm)
April 8th, 21st & 22nd (10-5pm)
June 10th, 23rd & 24th (10-5pm)

Life Balance Students $350

Offered by pre-registration only.
Purchase here and be contacted to book the dates.
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Price $350.00