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No Power? No Problem! Try a Non-Vibrating Toy!

When most people think about sex toys, vibrators are probably the first thing to come to mind, but toys don’t need to vibrate in order to be pleasurable. While vibration can be very stimulating, especially on the clitoris, many women prefer stroking and gentle pressure inside the vagina to vibration. By using a dildo you can achieve these sensations, which are similar to those experienced during intercourse. Here at Positive Passions you’ll find a wealth of non-vibrating toys that offer their own benefits without the bother of batteries and switches.



Dildos are phallic shaped penetrators that are often sculpted to resemble a realistic penis. They are intended for penetration during masturbation or with a partner and often come with many veiny ridges for added stimulation while stroking in and out of the vagina or anus. The Blush Dong and Ballsy Blush are soft, pliant dildos designed to bend and fit your body while mimicking the sensation of flesh and skin. More rigid options are available if you prefer a firmer touch. Double Dongs are nice option for both partners to use at once.

Many people don’t like the idea of penis-shaped toys and for those people there are many abstract organically shaped dildos available. The Ophoria Beyond, is a scrolling, sculptural work of art designed to give maximum penetrative pleasure and G-spot stimulation. Likewise, the Magenta is a beautiful, wavy dildo with great curves and bumps for G-spot stimulation. They are both 100% medical grade silicone, making them body safe and easy to clean. The Magenta has a flared suction base, meaning you can stick it to a wall, a chair or a yoga ball or use in a strap-on harness to enjoy hands-free penetration!


Speaking of Strap-Ons…

The New Comers Strap-On Kit comes with a harness and slim silicone dildo to help couples explore pegging (penetrating the male partner anally). Because it is small and curved, it’s perfect for beginners and for both G-spot stimulation in women or prostate stimulation in men.

There are also a variety of strapless strap-ons available, most notably the Share by Fun Factory. The share is worn by inserting a bulb into the vagina where it is held in place. The wearer gains the benefits of both G-spot and clitoral stimulation while penetrating her partner or masturbating the shaft of the toy. It can also be turned around and used as a penetrative masturbatory toy, using the bulb as a handle.



Glass is an underrated medium when it comes to penetrative toys. Not only are glass toys beautiful, they are also non-porous making them very hygienic and easy to clean. Glass comes in a variety of textures and shapes for different sensations. The CyberGlass Four-Way G Swirl has ridges, bumps and curves for G-spot, clitoral and other erogenous stimulation. CyberGlass is very strong and can withstand temperature fluctuations without cracking or breaking, allowing for sensation play in addition to gentle, yet firm penetrative pleasure.


Toys for Boys

Why should girls have all the fun? More and more toys are being designed for men, including lots of non-vibrating models.



Strokers are a great option for men (or couples!) wanting to explore new sensations during masturbation or sex.  Strokers provide suction, pressure and full coverage of the penis and they are ribbed on the inside for added sensation. Strokers can also be great additions to an oral sex session or a handjob, because they offer a different kind of pressure and sensation than a mouth or hand. The Stroker Triplets or Tenga Double Hole Cup are great ways to get multiple sensations with one purchase.


Prostate Stimulators

As men discover the pleasures and benefits of prostate stimulation, they may want to explore these toys as part of their sexual encounters.  These stimulators vary from small starter toys to larger, more elaborate stimulators. The prostate can be simulated internally by inserting a finger or toy into the anus and stroking the prostate, which is toward the front of the pelvis (very similar to how the G-spot is stimulated in women). There are a lot of vibrating options, but that may be too much stimulation for some men. To start off with less intensity, consider a toy like the Lelo Bob, which is small and sleek enough to start comfortably exploring the pleasures of prostate stimulation. The Nexus Glide will stimulate the prostate from the inside and via the perineum outside the body, and the Nexus Gyro allows you to get creative as you stimulate the prostate hands-free by gyrating the round base against a firm surface.


With so many options for men and women, why not add a non-vibrating toy to your Treasure Chest. Whether you use them alone or in tandem with other toys, you can experience all new levels of pleasure!

                                                                                                             Amy S.

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