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Going Bare Down There

Many people shave their intimate areas and for multiple good reasons! Some find that shaving themselves or their partners is extremely erotic and a perfect way to bond and explore erogenous zones. Some shave these areas for the visual as well as physical esthetic as for some a clean shaved pubic area greatly increases the sensitivity of the area. These areas can be groomed through regular shaving as well as waxing and electrolysis. Many woman and men enjoy intimate grooming.

Intimate shaving is a welcome venture for those experienced with hair removal but can be intimidating and seemingly un-doable to those that have little experience or preconceived notions about hair removal. While there is nothing wrong with being clean shaven, there is also nothing wrong with rocking it with your jungle of love -  it is simply a matter of personal preference and perhaps the preference of your partner.

First let’s look at shaving in general as there are definitely some options as well as some “do’s” and “do not’s” that will help with the grooming of your most sensitive areas! The best place to start when making these choices is where you already are, researching, reading and learning; confidence stems from knowledge and understanding.  At Positive Passions we carry a DVD “Dare to Bare” that is completely devoted to the topic of intimate shaving.

At home you can use an electric shaver or a razor or you can visit a salon or clinic for wax removal or electrolysis.  Wax removal and electrolysis are a lot pricier but have a more long term hair removal outcome than shaving at home. As well waxing and electrolysis require a certain length of hair growth for the procedures, so a little planning ahead is necessary as well as planning to experience at least a little bit of pain with the procedure.

Shaving at home should by all means be a painless and rewarding experience, as it puts you in control of where and when you shave. Shaving with a razor provides the “closest” and “smoothest” shave as compared to using an electric razor which might leave some stubble. A typical rule for both applications is to ensure that you are using only quality products that have not become dull and using an appropriate shaving cream to ensure that no painful nicks, irritation, rash or razor burn occurs. (Staff Member Lana’s additional tip: maybe even use 2 or 3 new razor blades during a single shave, or trim with an electric shaver and finish off with a brand new manual razor – sharp is key to no irritation!)

Positive Passions carries two fantastic shaving creams that are designed to provide you with the smoothest, safest shave possible when used with a non-dull, quality razor; Coochy Crème is a rash free shaving cream for both men and women , it comes in multiple scents, is suitable for all over the body, including men’s faces and a little goes a long way. A similar product that is designed for sensitive skin as well as for persons that are sensitive to recurring UTI’s or yeast infections, is Sliquid Smooth shaving cream which also comes in multiple scents and is also a rash free, super smooth shaving cream. These products are fantastic for the consumer that has sensitivities to overly chemical filled products as well to those that are conscious about the healthy attributes of the products that they are using.

And then, just to make it a little more fun, try a shaving template that is a plastic “cookie cutter” type tool to shave shapes onto the pubic area, such as the Intimate Shaving Template available at Positive Passions and surprise your partner with a little heart or an arrow marking the spot!

By Amber Gilchrist

Northern Nurse says

"Another option to shaving is to have yourself professionally sugared or waxed. I and my partner get sugared here in town and the results are silky smooth and last for weeks as opposed to days. As you continue to go the hair becomes less thick and thinner. The base of the hair root becomes weaker so it is easier and less painful each time you get it done as long as you do it regularly. That is about every 3-4 weeks.

I will supply the name of the fantastic esthetician that does both men and women but only with Celeste’s permission.
posted on: July 20, 2011 4:56 PM

Celeste says

"Please do, Northern Nurse!"
posted on: July 20, 2011 10:54 PM

Northern Nurse says

"Her name is Kyla and she owns Lilypad Spa. It is located right across the street from Earls.
Here is her web page: http://lilypadspa.ca/

Tell her you found her through Positive Passions...I am sure she will give you a deal. Also tell her that NN sent the referal, she knows who I am.
Enjoy the new smooth you!"
posted on: July 22, 2011 4:58 PM

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