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Exploring Sex Toy Myths

Our consultants are asked many questions about the products we carry and about sexuality in general.  There are a lot of societal misconceptions surrounding sex toys and I think it is time to challenge some of these myths and give you the facts about the toys you enjoy!

Myth: All sex toys are made of unsafe body materials

Fact: It is true that some toys contain phthalates (plastic additives) which have been found to be harmful to the body, however today there are many toys that are phthalate free.  If you are worried about sensitivities, cleanliness or type of material, choose a toy that is made of a non-porous material (which means that is does not collect bacteria like other toys).  Glass toys are completely non-porous, easy to clean and safe to use with any lubricant.  Some of the top body safe materials include ABS plastic, silicone or medical grade silicone.  Properly cleaning and storing your toys can help preserve them and prevent bacteria build-up. Always store your toy in a bag, be sure to thoroughly rinse your toy of any soap residue or use an antibacterial toy cleaner to ensure your toy is bacteria free before and after use.

Myth: Sex toys are only for people who are adventurous or “kinky”

Fact: This statement is more of a personal opinion than anything else.  In fact, more individuals and couples use sexual toys or aids than you probably think.  No one knows what goes on behind closed doors (unless you choose to tell them). That being said, everyone who is sexually active is in some way or another adventurous.  This a totally subjective term - what may be kinky or adventurous for some may be every day sexual play for others. 

Myth: I will become addicted to my toy

Fact: I think the term “addiction” has been misused in recent years.  The truth is addiction is defined as a dependence on something.  We may be confusing comfort, routine, and possibly a high sex drive with addiction.  Vibrators have not been proven to be harmful and neither has masturbation, and I have never heard of anyone having physical withdrawal symptoms from stopping vibrator use. 

Myth: I will become desensitized by my toy and be unable to achieve orgasm without it

Fact: Short term impairment of genital sensation can happen if you are using a powerful vibrator for an extended period of time. (Example: using a Hitachi Magic Wand or other plug-into-the-wall type massager for hours every single day).  However, there is no evidence to support the idea that sex toys can permanently harm or desensitize your genitalia if used properly.

Myth: Sex toys replace partners

Fact: A sex toy can never replace a person.  Comfort, conversation, cuddling, intimacy and physical touch does not come from a sex toy.  Holding hands, kissing, touching and talking are all ways to intimately connect with a partner and can enhance your sexual experience.  Sex toys are fast and fun and definitely add variety and excitement to sex play, but most people enjoy the touch and companionship of another human being, with or without toys. 

Myth:  I only need a sex toy if I don’t have a partner

 Fact: Sex toys are a great addition to any sexual repertoire.  Using a toy with your partner can create intimacy, open up communication and add new sensations to your sex play.  It is also fun foreplay to choose toys together.  Try using male masturbators together – they provide a very different sensation as opposed to only using your hand or mouth.  Small clitoral vibrators can enhance oral play for both partners or can add that extra stimulation to push you over the edge when used during intercourse. The We Vibe II, the ultimate couple’s toy, can be used with or without a partner. In addition, you may wish to use a sex toy during times your partner is unavailable for sex play, during times of extra-high libido, or to enjoy sexual experiences on your own even while in a relationship. All of these are healthy options for solo or partnered toy play.

For more information on couples toys check out the blogs Couples Toys Part 1 and Part 2.

At Positive Passions our consultants provide education about the products we carry. If you are unsure about the safety or use of a product, don’t be afraid to ask us.  Our job is to make you feel comfortable enough to ask questions!

By Crystal Wiens

Celeste says

"Great information Crystal!"
posted on: July 14, 2011 10:56 AM

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