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What it means to be an erotic lover!

This is for anyone who wants to be able to sexually connect with their partner in such a way as to show their partner how they feel without words.  For strangers who can become lovers and for long-time existing partners who want to re-ignite their fizzling love flame.

What is an erotic lover?

‘Friction sex’ is the rubbing of bodies.  This means going through the simple mechanics of your sexual M.O.  For most people this is the predominant mode of sexual expression. ‘Friction sex,’ however, lacks certain qualities:  sensuality and intimacy.

Sensuality is the appreciation of all the sensory modes: flavour, fragrance, hue, texture, timbre, contour and more.

Intimacy is openness to our own feelings and our partner’s feelings. It is honesty, vulnerability and trust. There is a willingness to listen and communicate. Where two people don’t necessarily need to be romantically in love, but there is always respect.

In contrast to the repetitious nature of “friction sex”, erotic sex flows without pattern, motives or a hurried race to the finish line.  There is intense lingering in allowing the next touch to happen naturally. This allows you to surrender to the moment and create a new way to experience pleasure.

To be an erotic lover you need to be able to blend the sensual, the sexual and the intimate! 

-          Angelene

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