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5 Ways To Embrace Your Sexuality

5 Ways To Embrace Your Sexuality:
1)Feel Good In Your Skin
Sexual confidence is about knowing that you're desirable and not being afraid to express it.  Let go of body hangups and celebrate your beautiful skin, size and body as you are right now.
2)Open Up About Your Sexual Desires
People who are sexually confident aren't afraid to ask for what they want.  Experiment and take the initiative when you want sex.  Begin to initiate sex with your partner, and overcome your fears for better sex.
3)Get To Know Your Body Better
Get to know your body in an intimate way through masturbation and sensual exploration to build sexual confidence.  Purchase new toy massagers or body oils to enhance your sexual senses.
4)Dress Up
Wear what makes you feel sexy.  It's amazing how silky underwear or nightgowns can make you feel sexually confident.Feeling sexy does wonders for your mood and overall state of mind.
5)Play Your Favourite Music
Music helps to relax your mind and body.It can put you in a sensual and loving mood, which allows for less anxiety and nervousness.Music shifts your focus from worrying about your sexual performance to just enjoying the physical sensations you experience.  
Celebrating your sexuality is a lifelong journey so start now!


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Energy Yoga with Celeste 6-7pm
Monday, March 25th 2019

Energy Yoga with Celeste 6-7pm

This 1 hour class offers a balance of yoga postures, meditation and breathwork combined with subtle energy awareness techniques which assists to help open energy centres by creating space for a new state of mind, body and emotional well-being.

Bondage For Beginners 7-9pm

This introductory workshop is on Bondage, Domination, Submission and Sado-Masochism (enjoyment of giving/receiving pain). The workshop explains what it means, how to start, what to expect, safety and consent and when to take it to the next level. Rope tying, knot demonstrations and practice included. Everyone and anyone is welcome! Pay securely online. $40 per person Pre-registration only.

Partner Yoga 7-9pm

Partner Yoga for Intimacy and Connection -Looking for fun, healthy activities to experience within your relationship? -Want to learn new ways to deepen intimacy and connection with your partner? -Open to different ways to recognize your own boundaries and move past them? Then look no further. This 2 hour Partner Yoga class is an intimate, safe way to explore new ways of connecting in body, mind and spirit with your beloved. This class is open to all levels of yoga experience. $50/couple

Life Balance Energy Practioner Certification Program

Life Balance Energy Practitioner Certification Program

Kirtan with Malika 6:30-7:30pm

Kirtan with Malika 6:30-7:30pm Join us for this monthly Kirtan! No experience required,just bring your open heart! Kirtan is Bhakti yoga, the devotional and loving yoga. Here we sit in an oval and chant together some mantras & melodies. It’s uplifting, healing and brings peace and joy to most. Come experience this! Some sofas, chairs cushions, blankets mantra sheets and percussion instruments available. Always by donation. Family friendly.

Life Balance Self Awareness Development Program 10-4pm

Life Balance Self Awareness Development Program

Life Balance Energy Practitioner Certification Program

Life Balance Energy Practitioner Certification Program