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Positive Passions has Moved!

The Old is New; Re-inventing Ourselves
Every once in a while we need a complete overhaul.  On occasion, when things seems incredibly heavy to bear, we need to stop and take a good look around. Sometimes, no matter which direction we look, there seems to be a roadblock, an energy block, a mind block or some other seemingly insurmountable challenge.  
When what was tried and true has become old and blue; we need a fresh, new perspective on life and the position we are in.   
Being able and willing to test the boundaries of our growth, can create opportunities to put new strength or awareness into action.  What if we embraced the changes we've gone through and loved the new us? Would we be able to integrate the new aspects of self into a space of positive change or transition. 
We need to continually re-invent our sexual, sensual and intimate selves as each life transition comes to be.
As we transition through our sexuality, desire, fears, aging, intimacy and boundaries, our perspective and willingness to try a new experience or re-visit an old one may have opened up.  We are often unsure of how to find the resources, products or information in regards to our expansion.  
Positive Passions promotes Positive Sexuality and Healthy Lifestyles  
This statement hasn't changed. Positive Passions is still Classy, Comfortable and Informative.  What has changed is the number of clients who are really wanting to safely explore some new ideas, topics of discussion and ways of feeling confident in their sexual self. Healthcare Professionals continue to send their patients to us for support in finding the right product or information to overcome common sexual challenges. We love this part of our work.  However, we also love educating our kinkier crowd on safe ways to expand or connect with new networks.
As part of Positive Passions commitment to growth, we are proud to offer some new events, workshops and Open Group Discussions such as: It's Only Natural ~ Discussing Our Kink to Change How We Think. Open Discussion SeriesYou Wanna Try What??! ~ Expand Your Experience Workshops Corset & Waist Trainer Clinic
We will be continuing to offer our regular Workshops such as the popular Penis Pleasing Workshop and of course the once taboo Getting to the Bottom of It.  However, we have added some expanded topics to reflect the inquiries of the current state of mind such as;Bondage for BeginnersHow to be DominantHow to be SubmissiveOrgasms for 2...or more ;)
We hope you have felt comfortable and welcome to explore your passions with the support of the many who have been employed at Positive Passions over the years.  We will continue to provide a safe space for all.Come visit us soon!  716 2nd Avenue NorthSaskatoon, SK
Sincerely,Celeste LemieuxDreamweaver & CEOPositive Passions Inc.

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