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Bullets and Vibes and Dildos, Oh My! Where to begin?

Note: this beginner toy guide is primarily directed at people with vaginas, so you penis & prostate havers may want to skip to paragraph 7 to get to your good stuff ;)

Hey everyone!

Now, I know many of you checking out our website here at Positive Passions are sex toy aficionados, but this post is for people who are just dipping their toes into the proverbial pool of passionate playthings. Selecting your first toy can be intimidating, because there are so many choices! Clitoral, vaginal, vibrating, non-vibrating, waterproof, suction cup, gel, plastic, glass, silicone... the possibilities are virtually endless! So, keeping in mind all of the different paths you can take, which one is best for you?

Your answer is as unique as you are! What kinds of touch do you like? If you don’t have much experience with sexual touching, the best way to find out what you’re into is to take things into your own hands (literally) via masturbation. Experiment with finding your clitoris and your g-spot, try a variety of pressures and movement styles, see if you like it inside, outside, fast, slow, light, hard, or all of the above!

My recommendations for beginners with vaginas are the Neon Luv Touch ($24.95), the Slimline G ($29.95), and the Fukuoku ($49.95).

The Neon Luv Touch is a classic, single speed bullet with a smooth body and reasonably strong vibration. Many people (myself included!) start their foray into the sex toy world with just such a bullet, because they are easy to use and cost-effective. These bullets are small and easy to grip, which makes them great for adding additional stimulation during intercourse as well!

The Slimline G is a non-porous, plastic G-spot vibe (though the head can also be used externally for clitoral stimulation) with dial controls. The benefit of a dial control is that rather than choosing light, medium, or strong vibrations, there’s a more of a gradient allowing for more vibration choice.  The hardness of the toy can be intimidating, but harder toys can result in a stronger orgasm as rather than absorbing orgasmic contractions, they send them right back to you: double the fun!

The Fukuoku is a single speed clitoral vibe with a twist: you wear it on your finger! This makes for an easy addition to your current self-touch routine. It can do everything your fingers can do, but with more intensity! The “fingertip” of the vibe also has some lovely ridges for even more sensations. Because the Fukuoku is essentially an extension of your finger, it is easy to use and ideal for beginners.

Now, those toys are primarily intended for people with vaginas, but some people with penises find vibrations wonderful for the head of the penis, the testicles, the perineum... a whole host of places really!* If you’re looking for some beginner anal or prostate stimulation though, I would recommend X10 Anal Beads ($14.95) or a Basix Mini Butt Plug ($19.95). Both of these pleasure objects are very affordable and ideal for beginners. The X10 Anal Beads start smaller than the Basix, and allow you to build up to a ball wider in diameter than the Basix. However, the Basix is a very soft flexible gel compared to the hard plastic of the X10s.

You have the run-down on a few of our toy options, so come by the store to see them in person! We have demos of each of these (and many more) products, so you can test vibrations and material feel for yourself before you commit. Getting people started on their sex toy journey is an amazing part of this job, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! Our staff will be more than happy to help you.

Now go find you perfect plaything!

-Michaela Madraga


*Anal safety blurb: Never put anything in your butt if it doesn’t have a base or you will lose it! Be sure to start any vibrating toys prior to anal insertion, as beginning vibration inside the rectum will cause it to seize up. Remember: the anus isn’t self-lubricating, so lube it up!


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