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A Body Positivity Blog

“Your sexiness is defined by concentric

circles within your wood/ It is wisdom

You are a goddamn tree stump with leaves

sprouting out


-From the song Body Love by Mary Lambert

Every January, many of us set New Year’s resolutions regarding our weight, our diets, our fitness levels; every January, the internet goes crazy with fitness tips, or reasons resolutions fail, or ‘fitspiration’ which may or may not be as much body shaming as anything else. If that’s what you are looking for, this isn’t it. I will talk about fitness, don’t get me wrong, but there are no ‘secrets that liposuction surgeons don’t want you to know!’ here. No, my focus today is on two things: how activity and movement can strengthen your love for and understanding of your body; and how that body awareness can lead to more and better sex.

For a little bit about me: I have been obese, I have been ‘normal’ (whatever that means anyway, and I currently speak to you from a chubby place. Four years ago, I began a journey from obesity downwards; I lost nearly 60 lbs over the course of just under a year. But, I already told you, this isn’t a story about weight. The significant thing over the course of that year was not (only) that my size changed, but how my mind changed. I started out sedentary, living very much in my head. I have always been fairly introspective, never considered myself athletic in the least, and any experiential knowledge I really had of my body was of its flaws. I thought of my body and I thought of flab, of a round face, not of what it felt like to be in my body or what my body could do for me.

I started with walking; I did home workouts with DVDs and video games; I took Zumba and yoga; I (briefly) joined Curves. I kept it varied, kept it interesting, and noticed not just how my body was changing but how much more present I began to feel in my body. I remember racing my partner after years of hating to run (and losing, he has long legs), and becoming aware of my muscles, of the rain on my skin, of all of it, and realizing that there is more to our bodies than just what it takes to get from work to home, and to the couch. Our bodies can have so many experiences, and our lives can change when we allow ourselves to feel that fully. 

I’m not saying (although some of those online articles do) that you need to lose weight or even to work out in a traditional way in order to have this sort of mind-body connection. I strongly believe that you do not, should not, need to be thin to have a good body image. Moreso, I believe that fitness is a journey that should be about the experience, not about what you want to get out of it – dancing, walking, running, skiing, snowshoeing, whatever you do, do it for the experience, not because you hope it’ll burn off those delicious Christmas cookies. It might, but that’s not the point – the point is to engage with every muscle and every sense you’ve got, to use your body and to gain pleasure from it.

So, what does all of this have to do with sex? There are sources that suggest that those who work out do indeed have better sex lives (and below I will link to a couple of the articles that I’ve read), for several reasons, including better stamina, improved body image, and the release of sex hormones that is stimulated by the release of endorphins. As well, couples who experience some physical arousal (such as fear when crossing a suspension bridge as in the study below) feel more bonded to each other; this again can come down to the hormones which power many of our experiences, and the attributions we make about our bodily experiences. Euphoria after an experience of intense dancing or hiking with a partner can be associated with the partner as much as the activity. Sexual benefits of exercising, then, can extend to feelings of closeness with a partner – even if it due to an error in attribution.

I encourage you to read the articles below, they are interesting, but here’s my completely anecdotal take:

Living an active life engages everything that you have to give (even if only for twenty minutes a day). Engaging leads to connection, to experiencing the world in a natural, sensual way that unplugs us from our screens, that pulls us off the couch and toward authentic experiences – including bodily exploration. If we are aware, and proud, of the feelings in our muscles, it doesn’t matter if the muscles aren’t perfectly toned – we know they are capable, we are aware that they are part of our experience as physical beings. We can be proud of them for their strength, and love them as they are.

If you’d like, maybe consider revisiting your fitness resolution before giving it up this year – see if maybe, instead of losing that last 5 lbs, you might try a new physical activity once or twice a week. Challenge yourself to safely explore what your body can do for you (and what you can do for your body)!

Blog by Jessica Bauer-McLure





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