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Positively playful...

In the past decade, pole dancing has rapidly flowered into the mainstream as a popular fitness, dance, and artistic activity. The future of pole dancing is en route to be as colourful as its past: historical roots of the art form are fuzzy but may have grown out of traditional African erotic dance, Maypole fertility rituals, and Indian and Chinese acrobatics for men.  As circuses traveled across North America in the 1920s, performers danced on the tent poles to tease and tantalize audiences and soon exotic dancers and burlesque artists began incorporating pole dancing into their theatrical and erotic stage acts.

Fast forward a few decades and the incredible strength, grace, and stage presence of pole dancers served to inspire numerous entrepreneurs to share the art form with broader audiences. The pole fitness craze took off and pole dancing appeared on Oprah and various competitions sprung up all over the world. Pole activists are currently working to convince the Olympic committee to include pole dancing in the 2016 games. As pole dancing penetrates the world of fitness, many pole enthusiasts attempt to separate pole dancing from sexuality, emphasizing its fitness benefits and strength requirements over the more erotic aspects of bare skin and seductive movement. This distancing of pole dancing from its mostly erotic history is often done, implicitly or explicitly, in an effort to ‘legitimize’ pole dancing as a sport, to get people to take it seriously.

Why bother?

There is nothing serious about pole dancing! 

The beautiful art form will always be sexual, given the inherent symbolism of the very apparatus we partner up with as we dance! Stirring up images of the seductive serpent, tempting us out of the Garden of Eden, is the playful and Promethean role of the pole. Whether a person chooses to pole dance because of its fitness benefits, confidence-boosting powers, or to seduce another has no bearing on the legitimacy of pole dancing - the perceived need to remove sexuality from something to create legitimacy is the issue here.  Embracing the erotic aspects of pole dancing honours the heritage of the art form and serves as a reminder of the centrality of sexuality to our nature as creative and curious creatures.

In this spirit, Natalie (Lilith) is delighted to share her playful flavour of pole dancing with the Positive Passions community.  Introductory pole dancing classes will be available on a weekly basis (evening series begins March 31 and daytime series begins April 4) and through private lessons and private parties. These classes are open to all genders and to persons of any fitness level - simply bring a willingness to explore yourself through sensuality and play!

To learn more about pole dancing at Positive Passions, or to register in a class or book a party, call Natalie at 306.716.3050 or Positive Passions at 306.651.7227.

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