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Getting to the bottom of it.

Getting To the Bottom of It – By Amber Gilchrist

When asked what the “number one bit of advice” is that I would give to anyone coming into Positive Passions (I have been asked more than once) my answer is always the same, explore anal sex. Regardless of gender, sexual preference or age, I truly believe that anal sex should at least be explored by each one of us. I am not saying that you have to like it or even that you will like it, but in having tried it you have not possibly cheated yourself an extremely sensual, sexually expanding experience.

Obviously the more that you understand about anything, the more comfortable you will be with it and with more confidence you can explore it. Read books! Watch videos! Attend a workshop! You have already read this far . . . go further! Anal sex and anal play are not specifically for any certain type of person, the desire for anal sex does not have anything to do with whether you are a man, woman, transgendered, gay, straight, bi-sexual, young or old. Each one of us is born with an anus, as are we each born with nipples and both are great erogenous zones loaded with sensitive nerve endings that can expand your sexual experience!  The bottom line is simply that anal play is another avenue of which to enjoy yourself, your lover and a healthy sexual lifestyle.

The anus is rich with sensitive nerve endings, that when stimulated greatly increase the erotic response of the sexual organs such as the penis and clitoris and vagina; it is a very sensitive area consisting of muscles that when massaged and stimulated, relax and allow for penetration. This is not done without a little trying and certainly some effort to learn and acquire the skills and safety that are needed. There are for certain some “rules” that will ensure you have a safe and sexy experience, but as with any form of sexual intercourse or play, it becomes easier and better the more you do it!

“Getting to the Bottom of it” is a workshop that is offered at Positive Passions that offers in-depth information on the health and physiology of anal play as well as a look at solutions, toys and techniques for enjoying the erotic art. All of Positive Passions sexuality based workshops are offered regularly and you can sign up anytime by giving us a call or coming into the store!

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