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Benefits of pole dancing

Did you know that pole dancing is a fun way to get fit while letting your wild side out? And that's just the beginning! Let’s take a deeper look into this fun pastime and why so many people love it!


Up until now, pole dancing has been looked at as something dirty or lowly, something you see in a night club. But, it’s actually an extremely good full body workout loved by thousands of people around the world, and doesnt even have to be sexual in nature.

It’s a great way to strip those pounds away. Pole exercises use weight training to build and tone muscles. Dancers learn to support their entire body weight with one arm as they build upper body strength and use their stomach muscles. (1)

Pole dancing can also help you improve your dexterity and flexibility, which are skils that transfer over quite nicely to the bedroom.  The warm-ups in your average pole dancing class involve plenty of stretches to reduce tension in the body. Moves like splits and backbends are incorporated into some pole moves that significantly improve the body's flexibility, especially if done consistently (2)

There are also a host of other benefits; learning to pole dance has been shown to be a great way to build confidence and a healthy body image. All you need to do is step out of your comfort zone and bring sexy power back into yourself.

Another great thing is there’s absolutely no need for special shoes, clothing, or specific "forms" that must be followed in order to pole dance. There is no wrong way to do pole tricks, as long as your body conforms to the shape or body position that is called for in each trick (or you can make up your own tricks!). The proficiency and ever increasing strength and stamina that you gain will improve all of your moves and tricks over time. (3)

If this sounds interesting to you, you ought to come to the beginners pole dancing workshop at Positive Passions, Feb. 1st and Feb. 8th from 14:00-16:00 (2-4pm). $50 will be enough to get you in for both days.   Call to book your spot now.

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