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Product Review - Fun Factory Stronic Eins

Stronic Eins

The Stronic Eins is a fabulous new product from Fun Factory. It’s a new revolution in sex toys! It’s the first device ever to implement this exciting new technology.  It doesn’t vibrate, It has a motor inside that pulsates, or “thrusts”!


How does it work?

The Stronic Eins is rechargeable with a fabulous magnetic charger, which makes it fully waterproof! It is said to have a 16 hour charge time with 3 hours of use, which, depending on how much you use it, can give a very . Personally, I haven’t had to charge it yet and I get plenty of use. It definitely holds its charge well!

There are 10 modes with different names that I will never remember, but the different pulsation modes are very distinct from each other and are easier to remember that way.  The Stronic Eins is easy to control. Hit the “Fun” button to turn it on and off, use the “+” and “-“ buttons to change to different functions! Easy as pie! The intuitive control system makes it easy for you to find the mode you’re looking for. Pressing the “-“ button leads to the “algorithmic” modes, which are a series of short pulses followed by a more powerful pulse, varied in intensity and time between pulses. The “+” button leads first to regular low, medium, and high settings, and then moves on to the patterned functions(and yes these are the actual names of these modes, i felt i should list them because of their exotic names):  Roller Ball, Vienna Waltz, and Rumba.

How does it feel?

The medical grade silicone has a matte finish. It has a good size and weight to it, and the silicon is somewhat squishy.


How does it actually feel?

At first I was uneasy but excited about the Stronic Eins. I am used to vibration so the idea of pulsation is new territory for me. My nervousness was quickly shed aside, however, when i turned it on and saw it meant business. The top ribbed part of the toy is meant for clitoral stimulation, which for myself, doesn’t really do the trick. The matte finish silicone has a different feel then most other toys. Being that it is heavy, Ive found that you have to hold it during use or it falls out. But, you can hold it in different ways which help control how it moves. If you hold it tightly, the toy doesn’t thrust as much as it would if you held it lightly.

All in all, fantastic feel! Much love for this nifty gadget!


What I like about the toy.

·         It’s a wonderfully beautiful well made toy! You can never go wrong with medical grade silicone!

·         It’s super quiet!

·         Fully submersible, which is awesome!

·         The thrusting motion of the Stronic Eins does all the work for you!


What I don’t like about the toy.

·         The price. Overall it’s expensive, but worth it. 

·         No storage bag. The silicone can pick up fuzzies and what not from storage and it would be fabulous if the toy came with a pretty storage bag.


·         2 year full warranty

·         Lockable (so it won’t go off during travel)

·         Size: 9.37 inch (approx. 6 inches insertable) / 1.77 – 1.38 inch.


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