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We here at Positive Passions love lubricants, and we want to share that love with you by providing a very special promotion.

From September 20th to 27th, when your purchase exceeds 75 dollars, you will get a free bottle of our newest lubricant: JO Premium Hybrid.

This lubricant is a hybrid, meaning that it is part water-based and part silicon-based. Hybrid lubricants are becoming very popular recently because of their intuitive new take on what a lubricant should be.

Before hybrid lubricants, there were only three categories that all lubes fell into: water-based, oil-based, and silicon-based.

Water-based lubes are easy to clean up (dissolve in water), can easily be flavoured, and are safe for use with all toys and condoms, they also have the most natural feel.

Oil-based lubes are generally thicker and very long lasting, and don’t get sticky. They are the best for hand jobs and anal sex because of their thickness, however, they are generally harder to find and are not condom-compatible (except polyurethane condoms).

Silicon-based lubes are the longest lasting lubricants, they last so long that it is usually necessary to wash them off afterwards with soap and water, as they will not wash off with just water. They are not compatible with silicon toys, unfortunately, as the silicon in the toy and the silicon in the lubricant will actually start to bind together upon contact, making a sticky, yucky mess and destroying the toy.
PROTIP: This is also the reason you should not ever leave two silicon toys touching for any amount of time, as they will gradually fuse into one polymerized mutant toy that will definitely not be pleasant to use.

Hybrid lubricants combine the best qualities of the silicon and water-based lubes into one awesome package. With hybrid lubricants, you get the long lastingness of silicon-based products with the easy to clean up and natural feel of water-based lubes. For this reason hybrid lubricants are quickly becoming the lube of choice for many people.

CAUTION: Hybrid lubricants still contain silicon, so they are unfortunately not safe for use with silicon toys.

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