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Sleek. Modern. Safe. Cute. The Evolution of Sex Toys!

Sex toys are great. They can be fun by yourself or with a partner. But they haven’t always been what they are now.  Here is a timeline to show you how sex toys evolved throughout time.

26,000 BC an eight inch long, half an inch wide stone object was discovered in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm in Germany. Scientists said that the size and shape of the object indicated that the item was used as a sexual aid up to 28,000 years ago. (http://health.zpree.com/wellness/sex-toy-timeline-part-1-discover-the-history-of-the-worlds-ultimate-toy-the-sex-toy/)

300 AD, the Roman Empire utilized early penis extenders. Even ancient men had erectile dysfunction. Just strap the contraption on over the penis and then you have a perfectly good penis substitute to please your partner. (http://yourmonthlyperiodical.com/2012/07/13/sexytime-history-lesson/)

1200 AD, the early cock ring was very popular in China. The first documented form of cock ring was made from goat’s eyelids. Eyelashes and all. The eyelashes were actually documented to add sexual pleasure for the woman during sex. (http://health.zpree.com/wellness/sex-toy-timeline-part-1-discover-the-history-of-the-worlds-ultimate-toy-the-sex-toy/)

1869, mechanical devices made their appearance in the Victorian times and were commonly prescribed by doctors to women suffering from a condition called ‘Female Hysteria’ – which in the end was a case of PMS, sex drive, and asserting their independence. This device was a large, steam powered machine. It was large and hard to move around. Sometimes it even had to be transported on a cart. (brashaunwade, 2012)

1899, the first electric vibrator was made public. It was more mobile and easier to transport from one place to another. This electric vibrator was called ‘the vibratile’ and was used to cure headaches and nerve pain, as well as the ‘female hysteria’. (brashaunwade, 2012)

1930, scientists developed the use of latex rubber. It was lighter and softer version of rubber. The use of latex rubber then made a huge revolution in contraception: latex rubber condoms! (Unless you’re like me and are allergic to latex, then boo latex condoms!) Oh, and latex rubber sex toys were then created instead of the use of the steam powered toy, wooden toys, stone toys. All of those toys would be covered in leather and lots and lots of oil would have been used as lube. But thankfully, the rubber toys were a lot safer. (brashaunwade, 2012)

Oh the sex doll. How everyone loves the sex doll (Haha!). It was created in 1941 during World War II by Nazi Germany as a way to ‘counterbalance’ sexual tension between soldiers. (I think that they needed a lot more than just sex dolls to counterbalance that tension.) (brashaunwade, 2012)

1994 brought about the Fleshlight, a male masturbation tool! 

. 2009 Apple began to approve adult specific apps. This started the beginning of sex toys for the Smartphone market (brashaunwade, 2012). You can get sexual aid tips, weird sex facts, hell even porn on your phone now. 
2012 the book ‘50 shades of Grey’ made the idea of BDSM less of a taboo subject. Because of the book there was an increase for sex toys such as, crops, floggers, hand cuffs, Ben Wa Balls, etc. But remember, if you have read that book, it is a fantasy. Not reality. It has a lot of myths about the practice of BDSM. This website will clear all of that up for you; http://www.divinecaroline.com/love-sex/6-myths-about-bdsm-inspired-50-shades-grey)

Sex toys really have come a long way from being huge steam powered machines to light, discrete battery powered toys.  The health risks with early toys were huge. Wooden toys could leave splinters; the steam powered machine could malfunction and burn you. Death could occur as well from these hazards. Anything could go wrong back then because they didn’t have the technology we have today. 

Toys today are now more powerful, quieter (depending on the toy), waterproof (also depending on the toy), and affordable. There is no more of this ‘female hysteria’ to worry about. 

But in the end, sex toys have gone very far throughout history and thankfully we live in the time we do now because like I mentioned earlier, toys are great! 

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