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In our culture, there is a huge emphasis on sex. I’m sure you’ve noticed. Every day we are assailed on all sides by images of almost/completely naked women and men, be it on television, magazines, even billboards that are stood prominently for all ages to see.  This is a phenomenon known as “Porno Chic”, which is the infiltration of pornography culture into everyday life.  And don’t even get me started on the Internet.  Unfortunately the way in which these images are portrayed is quite often a non-positive one; focusing more on a single type of person that every person is supposed to want to be.  These images tend to be more oriented towards the idea of changing oneself to try and be happy with one’s sexuality, as opposed to embracing it and learning to love it.  One of the things that comes up fairly regularly is the issue of penis size (haha, puns). The image we are presented with is that bigger is better, no exceptions. This is rarely the case in real life situations, but it seems as if every opportunity to reinforce this message has been capitalised upon as much as possible. “Grow your dick quick!” claims one website ad, with a picture of a freakishly large phallus waving around, promising “gains of three inches for a low low price.”  While this promise is enticing, it prompts the question: Do these things actually work?  I set out to find the answer to such a question, and it was definitely an interesting one.  There are three main types of penis enlargement methods that are prevalent today; Pumping, Stretching, and supplements/pills. But what do these mean; what do they entail?

First, I’ll tell you about pills, powders, and patches that promise size gains. The reason I’m starting with these is that they are the absolute worst of all the methods.  If you aren’t going to read the rest of this article at least read this section if you don’t read any others, and save yourself from horrible penis side-effects.  Probably the most common type of penis enlargement product on the internet, these are the purveyors of all the ads that are full of unnaturally large penises and big, in your face text.  Their websites will tell you over and over again how their products are the best of the best; the highest quality, fastest acting, extreme-ist stuff, and they often have customer reviews to back it up.

The simple truth about them is that they aren’t truths.  No supplement has ever been shown to actually work in a medical study.  All of the so called “testimonials” are usually faked, and most sites are set up so that user comments have to be pre-approved, so they can filter out any that they don’t like, or just don’t allow comments at all. Going to any third party site that isn’t run by the company will let you see their real reviews, and they aren’t pleasant. The problem with most of these products is that they can be made of whatever the manufacturer feels like putting in them. Some ingredients aren’t bad for you, but won’t produce any desired effects, but some consist of ingredients that are untested for safety of use and side effects, which means that you, the consumer, are the guinea pig.  Please do not fall prey to their claims, and if you are looking at any product, make sure you research it first on more sites than just the manufacturer’s.

Now let’s talk about pumping.  Pumping is the act of inserting the partially/fully erect penis into a cylindrical chamber, usually plastic, with a tube running from the top and into a suction pump. The pump is usually hand controlled but there are electrical ones available; however, they are extremely expensive. The user then brings the suction in the tube up to a desired pressure and leaves it there for an amount of time. This brings the blood into the penis and expands the corpus cavernosum (the cavernous tissue that inflates with blood during an erection).  It is supposed to make the penis larger than its regular size and make it easier to achieve and maintain erections.  

Is it effective? Well, yes, technically. But only for about 2-5 minutes after the pumping session, after which the expanded blood vessels return to their normal state.  Some users on pumping forums have reported gains of up to 3” in length and 1” in girth, but said users say they have to maintain their pumping schedule constantly or else they lose their gains, and have to start from the beginning again. These users also report that they use a combination of exercises such as jelquing (more on that in the next section) along with pumping to get to this level. There have been no studies done that show any lasting results from penis pumping, but it has been shown to help treat Peyronie’s disease (unusual shortening and curvature of the penis). Another benefit of penis pumping is that people who find it hard to achieve erections may be able to use a pump to help them get up, but again this is not permanent, and the erection is usually only maintained afterwards by using a cock ring.

Now the bad stuff: pumping can cause permanent damage to the penis, and really gross stuff at that.  Results of pumping improperly can include: popped blood vessels, deformed penis, loss of sensation, impotence, even abnormal growths on the penis. The bottom line is: pumping only yields short term gains and, beyond the appeal to people with a pumping fetish, there isn’t much good about them unless you have a medical condition.

Finally, let’s talk about Jelquing.  Jelquing is an age old technique, with ancient Arabian origins, and is indeed the most commonly used technique.  The term “Jelquing” refers to the action of making an “O” shape around the base of the penis with the thumb and forefinger, and slowly stroking upwards while partially erect. This method is supposed to expand the cavities in the penis that fill with blood, making for a larger erection. These claims have never been medically or scientifically tested, and only anecdotal evidence on forums has ever suggested that it works.  The problem with jelquing is that it is very dangerous, as improper jelquing can result in blood vessel tearing, scar formation, pain, disfigurement, and desensitization of the penis.  One medical journalist, Christopher Wanjek says that the claims that jelquing will "enlarge the penile cavities that fill with blood, making for larger erections...makes no sense biologically."*.
* Wanjek, Christopher. "Penis Enlargement Products Come up Short". Retrieved 20 March 2013.

Most of these techniques are trying to exploit the idea that “bigger is better” that has been engrained into most men’s brains from the time they hit puberty. The fact that this happens is extremely unfortunate, and what most men don’t realize is that they’ve been fed a very skewed version of the way things are. For starters, most women only have about 6-7” of vaginal canal when fully aroused, meaning that anything larger than that going in is just going to be an unpleasant cervix pounding.  Furthermore, men seem to have a very unrealistic image of what an average penis size is.  The average size is 5.1-5.9 inches in length and 3.5-3.9 inches in girth. The fact that most men think the average size is greater than seven inches is mostly due to watching pornography, as porn videos tend to feature men with ridiculously large penises.  It is very important to keep in mind that these videos are fantasies, and such scenarios are not usually encountered in most people’s lifetimes.  Everyone is different, some women prefer larger penises, and some women prefer smaller ones (a lot more than most people think, actually).  There is no one standard type of penis that every person is going to enjoy, because everyone is so unique.

Basically what I’m trying to say is the best way to boost your confidence about your penis size is by accepting that you have a nice penis size! Everyone does!  Besides, size isn’t the only thing that can be nice about a penis; think about your little friend’s other good features: maybe he’s really soft, looks really nice, etc.  Everyone is unique and different, so the idea that every penis should be the same size and shape is ludicrous.  The key to enjoying one’s sexuality is learning to love it.  You get what you were born with, and most attempts to change that don’t work out very well.  Focus on learning how to work with and love your own body, rather than fighting against it and trying to change it.  It all comes down to self love, love yourself, and others will love you too.

Marnie says

"Nice article, but straight minded... I'm sure the boys who love boys may have some good input as well (no pun intended ;)"
posted on: April 1, 2013 6:46 PM

Positive Passions says

"Well send them over here! We love all perspectives, but we do tend to write from our own."
posted on: April 5, 2013 11:42 AM

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