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Positive Sexuality Workshops

We have more than products here at Positive Passions!  We also have positive sexuality workshops.  We can help you to become more aware of sexuality in all its forms, to become more comfortable with speaking openly about sexuality, and to lose your judgments without losing yourself.  And as you take these steps, you will become a better and more complete lover, to yourself and with your partner.  The ability to express yourself without fear and to receive your partner without judgment is the sexiest trick in the book.

For example, our Coming Together workshop is all about orgasms.  Did you know that there are different kinds of orgasms?  I have one type while masturbating and another type during partnered sex, and I was super-confused until I took this workshop and had an open discussion with the instructor.  Appreciate all the different ways your body can express itself sexually.

Getting to the Bottom of It is a wonderful way to introduce anal sex into your repertoire.  Anal play is fabulous if done right, but it can be downright dangerous if done wrong.  The wrong kind of toy can become lodged in the rectum, and doctors have seen it so much they don’t even find it funny anymore.  And anal sex isn’t just for women.  The prostate in the male body can provide incredible orgasmic pleasure, if you have the balls to try it.

Our famous Penis Pleasing workshop is a great way to learn something new to blow his… mind.  Maybe a tricky gag reflex gets in the way of going down.  Maybe your guy has some sweaty ball stank that makes you less than enthusiastic to dig in.  We have all sorts of trouble-shooting tips!  Whether you’re a blushing throat-virgin or an old pro, you’ll be sure to take away a new idea or two!

For something completely different, try out Tantric Awakenings.  These all-day classes take place over three Sundays, and are sure to change your world.  Learn to access your chakras’ energy to heal yourself and improve your relationships with others.  Day One helps you to connect with yourself, Day Two is about your relationship with others, and Day Three explores Tantric sex.  You have to take them in order, so no skipping ahead!

We have all this and more at Positive Passions, just come by and check us out!

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