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Celebrate Valentine's!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you know your friends at Positive Passions have your backs!  It’s going to be a romantic night, and you’ll want to stock up on all the goodies the two of you have been quietly craving all year.  So book a Passionate Playthings Party!

There are many ways to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, whether you have a partner or if you’re single.  What better way to celebrate all walks of life than with a fun sex toy party?!  Find a new treat for a partner, or take yourself on a date!

Did you know that Passionate Playthings Parties don’t have to be all-girls?  Plenty of people have co-ed parties!  This can be great as a couple’s even; both parties can get the same information, and agree together on what they want.  You can also use a party as a way to get all your single friends together for a fun night that might provoke a few blushes.

Our parties are a blast because we know our stuff.  Like a Tupperware party for your vagina, we’ll go through all the uses, advantages and do’s and don’ts of each of our products.  We are experienced, we read reviews and we listen to feedback from our customers, so we can answer your questions with confidence.

You can also ask us to tailor our presentation in some way.  We cover the broad strokes of all sorts of issues, but if you really want your guests to hear a discussion of safe sex, queer issues, sexual dysfunctions, or anything you can think of, just let us know!

We have two great ways to have parties.  We can show up at your house with a truckload of product and set up a mini-store right there in your bedroom, where people can buy privately.  We have every form of payment available, because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy.  Or, you can come into our space.  Our comfortable workshop room is relaxing and beautiful, and you’ll have access to our entire boutique when it comes time to shop.  We have a kitchenette at your disposal and yes, you can bring alcohol!

Finally, the best reason to host a party is the hostess benefits!  If your party guests spend over $500 (which is shockingly easy), you get 25% off your most expensive product, 10% of their spending as credit towards your purchase, and a free gift from us!

The more people who come, the greater your hostess credit.  So create a Facebook event and invite everyone you know!  You’d be surprised by who shows up.  No one expects Great-aunt Gladys to show up and ask about butt plugs, but it’s usually the best part of the evening.

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Life Balance Practitioner Program ~ with Celeste Lemieux

Life Balance Practitioner Program ~ with Celeste Lemieux

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