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Christmas Gift Guide 2012

Looking for some saucy Christmas gifts?  We have plenty of great options for the variety of people in your life!

For a female partner

The Ina 2 is the ultimate in luxury vibrators.  Fully waterproof for bathtime pleasure, this rabbit-style vibrator provides simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation.  Rechargeable and whisper-quiet, this elegant pleasure object has 8 vibration modes, each more delicious than the last.

Nipple nibbler is a fun way to add a little extra sensation to the bedroom.  This balm brings blood to the nipples, making them extra-sensitive and perky.  The flavours also make the nipple extra-delicious for whoever happens to be sucking on them.

Glass toys are a great way to spice things up.  With beautiful designs and a sturdy material, these toys can be heated up or cooled down with water.  The glass is very hygienic and easy to clean, and the pleasant heaviness gives the toys a unique feel.

The Colt Anal Trainer is a great way to bring some fun into your butt.  With three butt plugs in increasing sizes, you have an easy and non-threatening way to get acclimated to anal play.  Wear a butt plug during vaginal sex for some great double-penetration, or use it as fore-play for anal sex.

For a male partner

Vibrating cock rings are a great way to add some extra stimulation for both of you.  The ring keeps blood in the penis, keeping it firmer and slightly larger.  The vibrator presses against the clitoris during sex, giving the female partner clitoral stimulation during vaginal penetration.

Use the Nexus Gyro for prostate stimulation. The key to mindblowing male orgasms is hidden inside the rectum.  Stimulating the prostate regularly is recommended to help prevent prostate cancer, and it feels fabulous.

Bring some fun to male masturbation with the Senso Sapphire.  Using a masturbatory aid is helpful for men who have trouble coming to orgasm during vaginal intercourse, letting them ‘practice’ on a fake pussy before tackling a real one.  And as we know, practice makes perfect!

Vibrators aren’t just for women.  Use a bullet vibrator during a blow job to add extra stimulation to the testicles.  Vibrators can also be used during male masturbation, providing pleasant stimulation to the head of the penis.

Do you have trouble with your gag reflex during blow jobs?  69 Deep Throat Mints contain a little bit of benzocaine, taking the edge off and letting you take him deeper for longer.  What better way to say Merry Christmas?

For both of you

Pleasure tape is a great and inexpensive way to spice up your sex life.  This tape only sticks to itself, so it won’t rip off hair when removed.  Use it to bind the hands together, tie them to the bedposts, make a corset or a collar, or use it as a blindfold.  The possibilities are endless, and this reusable tape will last forever.

S&M’s Bed Bondage Restraint Kit is another great way to get tied up.  Maybe you don’t have bedposts, but you still want to get tied spread-eagle to the bed and have unspeakable things done to you.  This kit attaches under the mattress, making a simple solution to a common problem.

Take the idea of vibrating panties to a whole new level with the We Vibe 3, the ultimate couple’s toy.  Use the remote control to cycle through six different vibration modes.  Wear this toy while making love, bringing extra vibration to the penis while stimulating the g-spot and clitoris simultaneously.  Or, cuddle up on the couch with a movie while you tease her with the remote control.

A massage candle is a great twist on traditional massage oils.  These candles melt at just two degrees above body temperature, so you aren’t pouring hot wax on your partner, just adding an extra bit of warmth to the massage.  Light the candle to set the mood and make the oil!

Honeydust is dehydrated honey with just a bit of corn starch and natural flavouring.  With a sensual feather duster and a delicious flavour, dust this product onto your partner and then lick it off.

The Embrace board game is a tool for couple’s intimacy.  Take an evening to play the game, taking the route of Lovey-Dovey, Sexual Intimacy or Hot Sex.  Draw cards along the way that challenge you to answer questions or perform acts for your partner.

The Intercourses Cook Book has chapters on aphrodisiac ingredients, each accompanied by a beautiful photograph.  The recipes are fairly drawn out, letting the two of you prepare a meal together, eat, and finish off date night however you choose.

For your best friend

The Kama Sutra Weekender Kit is a great way to help your friend have a great, sexy vacation without being creepy about it.  With sample sizes of different, sensual Kama Sutra products, this is a fun and sexy gift.

Dirty Minds makes game night just a little edgy, with questions designed to take your mind to the worst place possible, all in good fun.

Tickle His Pickle is a book designed to take you through the different ways to touch a penis.  Girls, give this to your bestie, then the two of you can compare notes.

Glow In The Dark Condoms are a great stocking stuffer to elicit some shouts and laughs.

Pure Instinct is a pheromone-enhanced perfume and cologne.  Designed to smell equally good on men and women, this perfume changes drastically with each person.  You may smell of vanilla, your friend may smell of roses, your man may smell spicy.  But you’ll all smell fabulous!

Coochy Creme is the answer to all your shaving woes.  The sensitive skin of the bikini zone can, when abused by a razor, resemble what can only be described as an angry desert.  Coochy Creme is formulated to be kind to your delicate areas, leaving the skin smooth and attractive.  Any girlfriend will be stoked to get this in their stocking.

Bachelorette Bar Challenge is a card game for an adventurous night on the town.  Go out with your girlfriends and draw cards for shots and dares.

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